Metatah : Acara Kumpul Keluarga Besar

Upacara keagamaan besar seperti metatah tentu saja menjadi acara kumpul keluarga terbesar, setelah acara pernikahan dan kematian. Inilah asyiknya upacara keagaamaan ini, karena membantu terjadinya interaksi kembali di dalam keluarga, bahkan yang paling jarang ditemui sekalipun. Di dalam foto terlihat suami saya 😀 😀 😀 beserta keluarga 🙂 Sungguh senangnya berkumpul bersama 🙂 Photo by me Continue reading Metatah : Acara Kumpul Keluarga Besar

Metatah Ceremony in Bali

Metatah or Mepandes (Potong Gigi) is a sacred ceremony in Bali. Metatah is “cutting teeth” ceremony with traditional tools in Bali, and it only could have done by a Sangging. Sangging is a special person (maybe we can call them a holy person 😀 ) who had a duty to cut the people’s teeth when the ceremony was held. Photo by Rinaldi Surya Laksana Continue reading Metatah Ceremony in Bali

Starting a New Life as an IT Student (again…)

Since September 2010, I started my day as a student in an Information Technology College (International Class) at Renon, Bali. Although it had been 3 years since graduated from my design college, I thought it was a great opportunity to be a programmer 🙂 After knowing about discrete mathematics, i was in love in mathematics again. Why didn’t I study here earlier? Sometimes I regretted it, but I love graphic design too, and maybe it made me love my works as a graphic designer before. In a short sentence, “I love IT and GD!” 🙂 My college 🙂 Continue reading Starting a New Life as an IT Student (again…)